Volkswagen Group Forum 2017

In cooperation with OLYMP car-detailing and the lead agency VOK DAMS, Guest-One took over the test drive management for the Volkswagen Group Forum in Leipzig. At the four-day back-to-back event, around 1,000 major international customers were able to experience vehicles from the entire Group range in operation.

Guest-One provided a test drive management system for this purpose, via which all test drives were documented electronically. At the starting point and at a total of three changeover points, test drivers and vehicles were scanned using mobile devices configured with an app specially created by Guest-One and the data automatically transmitted to a web platform. The platform thus provided a real-time overview of all vehicles on the route. Defined reports and logbooks were also available as file downloads for each test day.

The test drive management system is a one hundred percent proprietary development of Guest-One. In addition to the pure recording and documentation of test drives, the system also supports logics regarding the vehicles to be driven in defined groups or sequences. About 80 vehicles were used for the Group Forum, but in the past projects with more than 300 vehicles were also implemented for various manufacturers.