AOK Day 2019

In cooperation with the Cologne agency “turner & friends”, Guest-One organized the participant management for the AOK Day 2019. The annual employee event of the AOK Baden Württemberg took place this year with around 1,500 guests at the ICS Stuttgart.

The registration platform that was already used for the 25th anniversary of AOK Baden Württemberg in 2018 was adapted for the project. In addition to a responsive registration frontend, which guests could use to easily register for or cancel the event and select a transfer, a so-called coordinator area was provided for the regional supervisors.
The regional supervisors had the possibility to register their employees in the system and to invite them directly by email within the scope of a previously deposited quota.

With the registration, each guest received an automatic confirmation email, which included an admission ticket as a PDF as well as an eTicket as a wallet pass. The check-in of the guests on site was done via smartphones provided by Guest-One with an appropriately configured scan app. Checking in and admitting the 1,500 guests, many of whom had arrived by bus transfer, took less than an hour with this approach.