German Fire Brigades Association DFV

After Guest-One had already managed the delegates’ meeting of the German Youth Fire Brigade at the end of 2020, the general meeting of the German Fire Brigade Association followed in February this year in Berlin. Over 400 delegates and guests attended the seven-hour meeting, which included the election of a new president.

The technical production of the meeting was in the hands of GATE, Guest-One provided the online voting system as well as a secured streaming platform through which delegates could follow the stream and submit requests to speak and ask questions via a question chat. Participants who wished to speak in person were able to do so via video conference. From the streaming platform, the jump was then also made into the virtual voting booth.

In order to prepare all delegates in the best possible way for the virtual format, three training sessions were held in the run-up to the meeting, during which the procedures were run through with all delegates and the system was presented in detail. At the meeting itself, Guest-One took over the supervision of the question chat as well as the election management.