IHK New Year Receptions

Guest-One started the new year 2020 with two big IHK New Year receptions for the IHK Bergisch Land and the IHK Niederrhein.

For the IHK-Niederrhein, which successfully uses the license software “Eventry” from Guest-One, the team supported the check-in of the guests with hardware and personnel. At a total of 10 check-in stations, the more than 1,000 guests were able to register quickly and conveniently and pick up their live printed name badge.

For the IHK Bergisch Land, an individual project solution for the registration of participants was set up for the third time in a row. The registration platform enabled both the registration of invited guests with personalized access data and an open registration of interested parties. After registration the guests received a confirmation email incl. personalized eTicket with QR code.

At the event, which traditionally takes place in the Historische Stadthalle in Wuppertal, Guest-One also took over the check-in of the approximately 1,200 guests. Here, too, 10 stations were used, at which the guests received their name badge and could indicate their wardrobe in parallel.