Opening Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Participant management for the opening concerts

Great success for Guest-One: The Wuppertal experts take over the guest organization and participant management for the opening events of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. For the two opening concerts on 11. and HamburgMusik gGmbH, the operator of the Elbphilharmonie, and its General Director Christoph Lieben-Seutter are expecting around 4,500 visitors to the Elbphilharmonie on 12 January 2017.

The guest list is long, tickets were not available for purchase for the concerts. The local invited guests are joined by many personalities from all over the world to attend the opening. For Guest-One this was a welcome opportunity to prove its own capabilities and at the same time a real challenge. “We are delighted to be able to play our part in the opening concerts of the Elbphilharmonie,” says Oliver Maître, Managing Director of Guest-One, looking forward to the events at the start of 2017.
Last but not least, the many years of experience of the Wuppertal-based company in the field of participant management and guest organisation has led to Guest-One’s success as a service provider.

Handling and attending to the invitations to a large number of high-profile guests from politics, business and society, as well as numerous representatives of the international press, is a challenge in itself. In addition, Guest-One is responsible for numerous other services as a full-service provider. In the ticketing sector, for example, the specialists develop high-quality personalised admission tickets in various language versions, which are individualised with date imprinting. “Printing, packaging and mailing of the invitation cards are also on our account,” reports Maître.

The complex registration process is also one of Guest-One’s tasks. The basic prerequisite for this is the digital import of the various guest distributors in order to systematise the processes and to be able to realise the subsequent tasks. “What is envisaged is an extensive online registration facility, which we are tailoring specifically to the demanding requirements of the prestigious event,” says Maître. Following their registration, guests will receive a confirmation including an e-ticket. “All of this is fully automated and, thanks to our proven and well-rehearsed processes, also safe,” adds the managing director.

Seating management at concerts plays a particularly important role. Not least because of the large number of high-calibre guests and the unusual hall layout, the procedures have to be meticulously implemented to suit the client. This is done in close cooperation with the operating company. This task has already begun, and Oliver Maître and his team will be working on it until the event begins. But the managing director remains calm: “For me in particular, as a Hamburg resident, this is an outstanding project to which we can contribute all our experience.”