PSD Bank

PSD Bank München made the start, followed by the PSD banks in Koblenz, Nuremberg, Karlsruhe and PSD Bank Nord in Hamburg. Guest-One took over the implementation of the digital general and representative meetings for all five banks.

Depending on the size of the bank, up to 70,000 members were invited to the events. A customised online platform made it easy and quick to register for the event or transfer voting rights to a proxy. On the day of the event itself, the live stream was integrated into the platform and registered participants were thus able to follow the event on their home computers and ask questions to the meeting via a chat function.

For a legally compliant implementation of the elections, Guest-One set up the corresponding resolution templates and ballots in the online voting booth and transmitted an individual election token to each registered participant. This token – a kind of TAN number – was used for authentication at the voting booth and then enabled the corresponding vote to be cast. Parallel to the online election, it was also possible to vote by postal ballot. The ballots were also recorded in the voting booth by the bank or Guest-One.