Red Bull Air Race 2019

For the 2019 season of the world championship “Red Bull Airrace”, the Red Bull Airrace GmbH from Salzburg relied on the use of Crew-Control for the management of the employees, the teams as well as the press and media representatives.

On a race weekend, up to 1,000 people are involved, consisting of international crew, who supervise all races, as well as local crew from the respective country. In addition to the collection and administration of data in advance and the accreditation of employees and press representatives on site, the management of the different access authorizations is one of the most important requirements for the system. Whereas in previous years each authorization was represented classically with icons and markings on the badges, with Crew Control the management of authorizations and control is carried out centrally via the system.

All authorizations are written on an RFID badge or wristband during accreditation and then checked at the respective entrances via smartphones using an app specially developed by G1. If accesses have to be added or withdrawn at short notice, this is done via information (e.g. by radio) to the control centre, which can immediately adjust the rights in the system so that the employee can pass seconds later. The printing of new passports with new authorizations is no longer necessary. A positive side effect – this handling makes it much easier for the security forces on site and is less prone to errors.

Another component of Crew Control is the query and processing of catering requests for each individual employee, as well as the administration and allocation of materials – in the case of Red Bull, radios and parking passes – the issue of which has been logged accordingly in the system. Guest-One was on site with two project managers at the first three races in Abu Dhabi, Kazan and at Lake Balaton and set up the systems at the crew service centre and at the race airport accordingly and supervised the accreditation during the race days.


Photo credits:

– Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Media Content Pool (above)

– Ádám Bertalan / Red Bull Media Content Pool / Red Bull Media Content Pool (below)