Annual General Meeting PROKON Regenerative Energien eG

For the live-marketing agency EREIGNISHAUS in Cologne Guest-One took over the participant management for the general assembly of PROKON Regenerative Energien eG in June.
All of the cooperative’s approximately 40,000 members were invited by mail to the event, which took place in the Holstenhallen in Neumünster, and approximately 1,000 guests attended the meeting on site.

For the registration of the participants Guest-One set up an online registration, which was able to tailor the requirements for the different guest categories.
For example, different registration processes had to be taken into account for individual members, partnerships and communities of heirs as well as underage members. Since the voting rights of the individual members could also be exercised by proxies, it was also necessary to provide corresponding registration options for proxies – including document handling for powers of attorney.

For the accreditation on site Guest-One provided a total of 17 check-in stations, three guest managers as well as a likewise adapted check-in software. The check-in was done by capturing eTickets that were sent with the registration, name badges and receipts for the issued voting cards were then produced in real time. Smartphones with an app developed by Guest-One were used for additional recording in an extensive presence area.

Also implemented by Guest-One was an electronic recording of the votes, which took place classically via ballot boxes. Over 20 smartphones were used to capture the QR-coded ballots for each agenda item, and the results were transmitted to the event chair and legal counsel.