DMK eG - General Meetings 2021

Following the successful implementation of the digital representatives’ meeting at the end of 2020 and various online advisory board meetings, the general meetings of “Deutsches Milchkontor eG (DMK)” were now on the agenda in March 2021. Regionally divided into four different assemblies over two days, an elaborate livestream format was implemented in the Streamlab studios in Bremen.

Guest-One was responsible for the entire participant and registration management for the approximately 6,000 members and provided a comprehensive online portal in the client’s corporate design. Connected to the participant management was the protected Guest-One Livestream platform, through which members could follow the meetings. Particular attention was paid to the exercise by members of their right to speak and to propose motions. For this purpose, the livestream platform includes a personalized question chat, through which members could give requests to speak at the meeting.

All incoming questions and requests to speak are stored in an inbox, where they can be viewed, categorized and assigned to specific persons by the organization team. The questions are either displayed to the panel via preview monitors or read out from the “off” and then answered in the livestream. Guest-One supervised the entire project with a fixed contact person and also ensured on site that the rehearsal and event days ran smoothly.