International DER KREIS Congress

DER KREIS, the association group of leading kitchen specialists in Europe, celebrated its 40th anniversary in May 2019. A special occasion to bring together the otherwise decentralized annual congresses of the various national societies into one large, joint anniversary congress.

Around 1,800 participants accepted the invitation to the International Congress Centre in Stuttgart to experience not only the two-day congress but also an accompanying trade exhibition and an exclusive evening event.

In cooperation with the agency Eventuality from Stuttgart, Guest-One took over the entire participant management. A central element was a quadrilingual web portal through which the market managers of the individual countries could register their participants. The country-specific social programs and deviating event parts were also managed in the system and assigned to the participants.

A hotel management system was also integrated – on the one hand to keep track of the booked allotments at all times, and on the other hand to be able to distribute the participants and their companions quickly and easily to the eight hotels.

On site, Guest-One then took over the accreditation of the guests at a total of eight check-in stations. All guests received an electronic ticket with their registration confirmation, which was scanned on-site and triggered automatic name badge printing. This approach reduced the check-in process to a few seconds per guest and also provided a real-time overview of the guests present at any time.