Event invitation management – digitally by e-mail or by post?

A frequent question from our customers: What is the best way to invite my guests to my event?

Let us say in advance – there are no clear criteria or rules for this.

For cost reasons and also with regard to sustainability, a purely digital invitation by e-mail is of course the best option. You save the effort of designing and producing elaborate invitation cards, there are no packaging and postage costs, and it’s faster, too.

In the following, we will list the reasons that may nevertheless speak in favor of invitation management by mail:

  • Not all email addresses are available or they are not well maintained
  • Email addresses are not personalized, but you have e.g. many info@ addresses
  • Some of those to be invited do not have an e-mail address (e.g. employees from production)
  • Retired employees or employees on parental leave cannot be reached by mail
  • The target group is not tech-savvy or has a high age structure

However, there are also other aspects that can speak in favor of a postal invitation. Thus, a beautifully designed and produced invitation card is significantly more valuable than an email. Especially at high-profile events, such as company anniversaries, it brings a different appreciation to the guests. A postal invitation is also more suitable for conveying a conceptual idea or for setting the emotional mood for the event with the invitation itself.

Last but not least, a postal invitation stays longer in the memory or in the eye of the guests.
Emails “send” quickly, are sorted away, deleted and thus disappear from the focus of the invitee.

So how best to implement invitation management depends on the event format, the target audience, and also timing and budget, among other factors. We will be happy to advise you on the best approach for you. Thanks to our in-house design team, we are also happy to support you in the presentation phase with initial ideas and concrete layouts.