“My left left seat is free …”

… or how to allocate seats to guests.

Seating – or seat management – often resembles a big puzzle. Whether it’s row seating in plenary sessions or gala tables for dinner, allocating guests to defined seats is usually a manual and therefore laborious process.

Different requirements often have to be harmonised when allocating seats. These can be political or protocol aspects, but also affiliations to certain participant groups or categories. Accompanying persons, guests who may be honoured or “just” have a birthday must also be taken into account.

Unfortunately, optimal seating is not static, but is subject to a high degree of dynamism, especially in the last days and hours before the event. Cancellations at short notice or name changes have to be processed in the same way as late registrations, additional accompanying persons or other changes to the seating or the schedule. Last but not least, the question always arises: how and when does the guest actually find out where they are seated?

The G1 seating module, which can be integrated into the GuestHub admin area on request, helps event organisers to maintain an overview. Seating plans can be created quickly and flexibly in graphic form. Even a large number of tables or seats in the plenum is no problem – for a better overview, these can be divided into different maps and then jumped to individually for distribution.

Guests to be seated can then be searched, filtered and selected in the guest list according to various criteria and placed in the desired seats with a mouse click. This applies to individual guests as well as selected groups of guests. The system also includes automatic filling of free seats, thus enabling individual seats to be filled very quickly.

The G1 seating module also accesses the live check-in information. Guests who are already present are colour-coded in the seating. As guests only receive their actual seating information at check-in – either as a seating card or printed on the name badge – they can be quickly and flexibly re-seated until they arrive.

We will be happy to advise you on the specific possibilities and show you examples from various events.