Name badges – superfluous or useful?

Especially in times when there is a lot of talk about sustainability in the event context, the question of whether name badges should still be used at all is becoming increasingly common. Somewhat provocatively, you can of course ask yourself (or the customer) whether a name badge is really the decisive criterion for more or less sustainability at an event to which 1,000 participants from all over Europe have to travel, stay overnight and be catered for …

Nevertheless, you have to face the often critical questions and offer arguments and answers. The following points are a vote in favor of the name badge and may help you in your next discussions.

More than an identification tool

The name badge is more than just a small card with the participant’s name and company on it. It is also a communication and information tool. First of all, it is usually created in the corporate design of the customer and/or the event and, together with a matching lanyard, contributes to the overall branding of the event. In addition, it also provides an advertising space for participating partners or sponsors, who can be integrated with their logos.

In addition to the name and company, further information can also be printed. The reverse side often offers space for a personal agenda, the general program schedule or a room plan. In addition, booked workshops, group affiliations, hotel and seating information or other markings such as guest categories can be printed in a personalized way.

The name badge can also contain the access authorization to certain parts of the event – whether through colour coding or defined icons. Security personnel can therefore see at a glance whether the participant has the necessary access authorization for a room or area.

Provide the name badges with a scannable QR code or an integrated NFC chip, then the corresponding control or registration can also be carried out electronically via smartphones or scanners. This approach can also be used for gamification ideas – for example, let participants collect points at various stations, exhibition stands or areas using the name badge …

It is important to think about the content of the name badge at an early stage and to take this into account when designing it. Our design team will be happy to support you with appropriate design and personalization suggestions.

In order to fully utilize the possibilities described above, it is also important to print the name badges live at check-in and not to pre-produce them days before the event. We also offer the appropriate solutions and hardware for this. Name badges are pre-produced in the corporate design in the print shop and personalized on site in just a few seconds. This makes it possible to react to last-minute changes and creates a flexible check-in situation without alphabetically organized counters. And since only the signs that are actually needed are printed, it is also a little bit sustainable in the end 😉