Participant Management Checklist: Creating an optimal briefing for a service provider

The topic of attendee management is often very complex, multifaceted and also varies depending on the type of event. However, in order to obtain the most realistic possible calculation for an implementation as early as the planning phase, it is advisable to think about certain key data, framework conditions and requirements in advance.

A widespread misconception is that the cost of professional attendee management can be measured purely in terms of the number of guests – this is not the case!
Rather, the question arises as to which specific processes must be mapped in participant management and which functions a registration platform must provide.
The spectrum here ranges from simple events, where only the pure admission or cancellation
of the guests must be recorded, up to very complex registrationswhere e.g. also accompanying persons,
– and travel as well as different program parts have to be managed as well.

These functions must be coordinated and configured in a subscriber management system, perhaps programmed and then deployed. That is where the expense first arises. But whether 150 or 1,500 guests then sign up is not really decisive for the design of the offer.

The following list is intended to help you write as structured a briefing as possible for your next project and thus enable the service provider to calculate the effort as concretely as possible.

Participant Management Checklist:

  • When will the event take place?
  • When should be invited, how long is the registration period?
  • How many guests should be invited and how many guests are expected?
  • How should invitations be sent – digitally, by mail, or a combination?
  • What information should be requested from the guests?
  • Are there different categories of guests that get different queries or options (e.g. a VIP is allowed to bring a companion and also gets an overnight stay, a “normal” guest is not)?
  • In which languages should invitations and registration platform be available?
  • Are escorts, hotel rooms, travel and/or event parts (e.g. workshops) to be managed?
  • Is seating management (seating) required?
  • Should a guest hotline (mail and/or phone) be set up during the registration period?
  • Is also an on-site support (
    check-in of the guests
    ) desired?
  • Should name badges be produced?
  • How long is the on-site period?
  • Are follow up measures like a survey or a picture gallery planned?
  • What budget is available for participant management?

Regarding the last point, many inquirers find it difficult to give an initial order of magnitude here. There seems to be a concern that the service provider would then “approach” the amount mentioned. This is not the case! However, an initial budget helps the service provider to think in the right direction or to provide sensible and targeted advice on which processes and solutions fit into the stated budget.