At what point does professional participant management actually pay off?

A frequently asked question is from how many participants is it worthwhile to use a professional participant management software or a service provider.

What data is recorded?

At first glance, one might assume that this generally only makes sense with large numbers of participants. In fact, however, the sheer number of participants is not necessarily the decisive criterion. Much more relevant is the amount of data and information to be queried and managed per guest. If, for example, several accompanying persons can also be registered, if the guest can individually compile his program from many different event parts or if he has complex arrival and departure logistics with different flight segments, then manual processing or Excel lists quickly reach their limits. This also applies if the registration for the event is to take place in several stages or in different time steps. Often the pure participation for a first planning is asked first, travel dates, hotel wishes or the participation in workshops only at a later time.

How many people are organizing the event?

An equally important aspect – how many people are involved in organizing the event and managing participants. Especially when events are organized decentrally and by different people, it is important to have all relevant data available centrally in real time. The prepared (Excel) list, which is usually sent to everyone, is usually already outdated at the time of creation, because some information has already changed again with the guests.

The advantages of a digital system

The use of a participant management system supports an end-to-end digital and DSGVO-compliant process. Digital invitations via email, quick and easy online registrations and email confirmations with eTickets or Wallet are not only “state-of-the-art” nowadays, but they also pay off on the topic of sustainability. In addition, the use of appropriate software saves a lot of internal resources and is less prone to errors. So don’t just look at the number of participants in your considerations, but check which process needs to be mapped, the complexity of the event and which and how much data and information needs to be processed per guest. We will also be happy to help you with an initial assessment and advise you on your event.